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mercoledì 24 agosto 2016


Triton, startup bresciana, lancia una campagna di equity crowdfunding su Tip.Ventures per raccogliere €720k e lanciare una rivoluzionaria tecnologia green

Triton energia elettrica green dalle onde equity crowdfunding tip ventures
Lo scorso 11 agosto è stata presentata agli investitori la campagna di equity crowdfunding di Triton, un rivoluzionario sistema per la produzione di energia elettrica da moto ondoso inventato dal lombardo Giuseppe Raoul Piccinini e che promette livelli di produttività più alti di tutti gli altri sistemi esistenti e zero emissioni di CO2.  L’obiettivo della campagna, presentata su Tip.Ventures, è di raccogliere 720mila euro, per il 10% del capitale della società, con una valutazione pre-money di €7,8 milioni (qui la nostra scheda).

Breakaway Ukraine Region Decides Official Future is Bitcoin

Regions in eastern Ukraine are formalizing the use of cryptocurrency to bypass economic sanctions, it has emerged.
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Eastern Ukraine Region ‘Will Be Attractive’ for Bitcoin

New_Donetsk_Peoples_Republic_flag.svgThe Donbass region, which since 2014 has been mostly controlled by a rebel government with support from Russia, is looking to stabilize its economy and attract investment via increased use of decentralized technology.
This month saw the inauguration of DAO Donbass (Donbass Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which last week held a press conference to explain its intentions for the region.

lunedì 22 agosto 2016

Xaurum Starts Trading on C-Cex

After a successful Rebirth Initial Coin Offering (RICO) period that lasted for 12 days and gathered $851,342.36, Xaurum, the gold backed crypto asset has now been officially added as a trading pair on C-CEX.
Users are now able to buy Xaurum with Bitcoin and to swap XAU for XAUR at a 1 to 8000 exchange rate. Each Xaurum is currently worth around 0.00018 BTC.

mercoledì 3 agosto 2016

Bitcoin to Hardfork? Proposal Sees Grassroots Beginnings

After a year and a half of debate with no compromise reached, supporters of on-chain scaling, have, seemingly, decided to unilaterally hardfork.
A new subreddit, r/btcfork, was announced earlier today, quickly gaining attention and momentum with numerous threads published in just hours after the announcement was made and many bitcoiners joining in the lively debate.

martedì 2 agosto 2016

mining ethereum classic

1. download, esxtract geth 

2. Due to The DAO hard fork you will have to specify if you want to mine on the hard fork chain or on the chain without the hard fork. To mine Ethereum (ETH) use geth --rpc --support-dao-fork in order to mine Ethereum Classic (ETC) use: geth --rpc --oppose-dao-fork

3. use this string

ethminer.exe -F
/ -G

4. go at and verify your wallet

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