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giovedì 28 luglio 2016

Xaurum Rebirth Initial Coinage Offer (RICO) Announcement

On 18. 7. 2016 Xaurum, the gold based cryptocurrency, will enter its second phase of operation, it will acknowledge the will of its community, by splitting one old xaurum into 8000 new xaurum, and  increase the supply available on the markets, by making coinage open to  all at a considerable discount during the RICO event. For the duration of the RICO event, minting will be open to everyone willing to  participate. The funds collected during the event will be spent on gold, as determined by Xaurum coinage formula and the profit of creating new Xaurum will be distributed among the minters, in this case RICO investors.
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Xaurum - The Golden Blockchain

Keep an Eye on Bitcoin as the Next Financial Crisis Starts

Bitcoin is on a huge streak. Its performance over the last year has been outstanding and it has outperformed most asset classes, by a wide margin. It's probably the only asset class which beats out both gold and silver, in 2016. Why is it shooting into outer space?


Will bitcoin be a good investment in 2016?

Bitcoin has witnessed an exponential growth in recent months and has started gaining attention among the media and government authorities. Several multinational corporations and financial institutions have started embracing bitcoin as a legitimate payment system. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency holding around 80% of the market share and its market cap is worth more than $10 billion currently. Bitcoin offers faster transactions with anonymity and reduced costs, making it an attractive choice for online traders. Some of the key reasons to considerBitcoin as a good investment for 2016 are listed below,

Lisk Community is Rapidly Developing Tools and Services for the Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: Lisk, the blockchain application platform, has experienced a healthy growth of its community throughout these past few months. Community members have developed tools and services that enhance the Lisk experience.
July 27, 2016 Aachen, Germany – The Lisk team is excited about the communities’ involvement with the platform. Since launch, the Lisk platform has experienced growth from community projects. is a WebSocket service which provides real time information on transactions and new blocks on the Lisk blockchain. Also, the community has created several implementations of the Lisk API in different languages, e.g. C# / C#Python, and Node.JS. Additionally, these community developers have been working on tools to provide more information about the network, the nodes, or to simplify the platform features. A few examples of these tools are:
  • lisk-autoVote – a script which automatically votes on delegates from text files with delegate names, addresses and public keys
  • LiskMonitor a stand-alone PowerShell script to do end-user monitoring on Lisk Main-net and Test-net nodes and delegates.
  • – a Lisk toolset for maintaining a Lisk server
  • Lisk Army Knife – a forging failover and command line Lisk
  • LiskMonitor (app) – An Android application to monitor delegate account status
Alternatively, if you’re looking for other ways of accessing the Lisk platform, a Lisk Lite Clientprovides a fast experience for viewing, depositing and sending LSK. The Lisk Lite Mobile Client by enables the same on Android and iOS smartphones. There is also the website LiskPaperWallet, which generates a paper wallet for the secure long-term storage of the digital currency LSK. Furthermore, blockchain enthusiasts are looking into Lisk for potential solutions of current real-world problems.
Blocksafe, an upcoming blockchain startup, will use a combination of Lisk, BitTorrent and Telehash to create their infrastructure for smart devices of firearms. LiskDice, an upcoming gaming solution built on the Lisk platform, just recently raised over 4000 BTC in its crowdfunding. The official Lisk forum and chat is thriving and new projects are coming up every other day.

**Please use all exchanges, websites, services, tools, and clients being linked to in this press release at your own risk! Please do your own due diligence. All projects described are just a small part of the ongoing community ventures.
About Lisk
Lisk is a blockchain application platform that offers JavaScript development tools to deploy sidechains and build decentralized applications on top of them. It comes with the ability to connect various different (decentralized) technologies to enable developers to build useful applications for the real world. Lisk was started earlier this year by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows.
Learn more about Lisk at –
Get started with Lisk at –
Lisk Documentation is available at –
Media contact:
Name: Max Kordek
City and Country Location: Berlin, Germany
Lisk is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only.

mercoledì 27 luglio 2016


Il caso della Florida è un po’ particolare e va ripercorso per comprendere la Sentenza del giudice Teresa Pooler senza cadere in sensazionalismi o titoli da “click”.
Quando si parla di  bitcoin appare spesso questo sensazionalismo, con il risultato che la miscela di  notizie vere, di notizie verosimili, delle teoriche speculazioni mentali e (spesso) della scarsa, se non nulla, conoscenza dello strumento determina un’immensa confusione.
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