mercoledì 4 ottobre 2017

Strengthen DEMOCRACY with blockchain ? BOULE’ change the rules !

The voting system, especially in some “unregulated” countries, still represents a “chimera”!
The standard is fraud, intrusion, and tampering with vows. BOULE’ is an Italian ICO, which meets a broad consensus, for a project that embraces blockchain and SMART CONTRACTS rules, to the voting system. BOULE’ is a new way to simplify and improve democracy with an encryped voting system.
The BLOCKCHAIN is the core technology, which is the base for the security of the entire project. With this public register, immutable, ineffable, it is possible to vote far from manipulations and external or governmental attacks. Each of the voters through their device (smartphones) is able to vote, to certify the whole transactions, and finally the vote is stored permanently and unmodified on the public BLOCKCHAIN, which make the process transparent, anonymous, secure.
Technically, everyone can express their preference anonymously by writing to the software a coded string of random code; this solution makes it impossible to reverse the transaction and find out the electoral identity.
On the other hand, the digitization of electoral cards and the possibility of remote identification, through coding and biometric recognition , allows for greater security and a significant simplification of the voting process, which thus becomes safer and cheaper. No more papers, pens, crowd, times and people involved. Each voters is sure its preference will not been altered.
BOULE’ allows you to create a system through which everyone can check the immediately when consultation is over. There’s no doubt about the outcome, the number of voters, beacouse everything is public and transparent, visible and reliable to anyone! Each elector will have the opportunity to change his vote in a different time, immediately before the end of the consultation, because only the last recorded operation will be the one used for consultation purposes. This could be important to achive a common successful project without “lost” votes. Bipolarism will be easily to achieve.
We all have access to the network, each one of us is able interact immediately, everywhere and with everyone in the world; BOULE’ leverages on this aspect and all people with a smarthphone registered could join the system and run a VOTING. No more distances, barriers, illness, no more excuses to not be part of the system. No more regrets after a win or a lose. “Real Power” to all people! BOULE’ wants to clear DEMOCRACY at more
layers and at every level. Election, consultations but not only, Sentiments, Polls, Referenda and more… Where there is a need for a reliable, secure, public and transparent instrument that allows a right vote expression. Recently we have witnessed a great controversy for Catalan consultation! What would happen if the vote had taken place with BOULE’ ?
Maybe you do not know, that BOULE’ successfully completed the PRE-SALE phase, and now is working for its ICO, which begins on October 25th. The goal is not only to raise funds to consolidate and develop the project, but through BOULE’ the blockchain’s world and algorithmic encryption, can finally marry the idea of being citizen for stronger and stronger democracy. Think about it!

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