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Dash Wallet - now on bitpanda

Dash Wallet – buy, sell & store

Earlier this year, we announced the addition of Dash to our exclusive list of digital currencies, a direct consequence of Dash’s evolution both in terms of development and on the price charts. The addition made it possible for bitpanda users to buy Dash instantly with various payment methods.
Now, we are launching the Dash Wallet, which will allow you to manage your funds in an intuitive and secure environment. Using a bitpanda account, you can buy instantly. To do so, simply go to our trading site, choose Dash, add the desired amount and fulfil the payment. Your Dash coins will then be transferred directly to your Dash wallet on bitpanda, from where you can send them to wherever and whenever you like.

To top it all off, we have also added a sell option to Dash, which makes selling the digital currency as simple as it gets. Sell Dash for fiat with any of our accepted payment options: Bank account, Neteller, Skrill or even vouchers.
Dash is now available in over 1,800 post office branches
In a bid to marry the technological advancements provided by digital currencies with the familiarity and convenience of brick and mortar businesses, we have recently kicked off our ‘bitpanda to go’ campaign, which allows you to acquire digital currencies directly in Post branches all over Austria.
Now, you can also purchase Dash quickly, safely and at a favourable price via our “bitpanda to go” program which is active in 1,800 post branches all over Austria. Users are able to exchange 50 €, 100 € or 500€ worth of cash into Dash and will then receive a code on a receipt that can be entered on Once entered, the Dash coins are transferred into your wallet. With ‘bitpanda to go’ and the cooperation with the Austrian Post we are able to offer the most favourable rates in Europe to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.
What is Dash?
Dash, short for Digital Cash, is a digital currency that focuses on private and fast transactions. It uses a chain hashing algorithm approach that combines multiple algorithms for its Proof of Work system.
Dash offers innovative features like InstantSend, which allows transactions to be almost instant. It also relies, not only on the computational power of the miners (as does Bitcoin) but also on a network of masternodes that make Dash’s special features possible and vote on budget funding.
During the course of 2017, Dash has seen a considerable growth on price charts with the approach of Dash Evolution release, a platform that aims to make the blockchain technology mainstream.


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